Friday, November 28, 2008

A Long Journey to Pagaralam

Lematang Indah Waterfall

2 years ago,I went to my grandmother's house in Pagaralam.What a nice trip!.A trip to Pagaralam spends more 7 hours by using private car.The location is about 290km from Palembang city.But, it's no matter for me because there were many beautiful scenery along the trip between Pagaralam and Lahat.There was Lematang Indah Waterfall.What a beautiful scenery!the water of Lematang Indah's River was very limpid .The Light of the sun could go through water.We can see river stones clearly.Besides ,the waterfall was very swift and fresh.It's the reason why many people want to go to this recreation area,although they come from a long distance.It gives you more happiness,especially for you who really love Rapid Wade Across and swimming.There,you can take unlimited number of photographs.You can enter Lematang Indah's recreation area for Rp 1.000.You can bring your family,husband,wife,boy/girl friend to spend your vacation.It place is also suitable for taking pre-wedding photos.Hehe,,

Gare Mountain

Ok,let's continue our trip to Pagaralam.There's Dempo Mountain.Its height is 3159 mdpl from the land.A very,very beautiful scenery,too.Before that,there's Gare Mountain which is located at the foot of Dempo Mountain.It will give you a simple beautiful scenery.There were tea plantation, although the temperature of Gare Mountain wasn't as cold as on the top of Dempo Mountain.We can see Dempo Mountain from its tea plantation.I couldn't stop say "Subhanallah" to God who had created this beautiful scenery.There were many big butterflies in the gate of this area.They flew around me and followed me when I walked inside.After I visited Gare Mountain,I went to Dempo Mountain in the next days.A trip to this mountain was very tiring, but we can really enjoy the trip and take many photographs.There were many parks along street to Dempo Mountain.There were many beautiful flowers,trees,and fresh green grasses.It's almost reach to Dempo Mountain,we stopped our trip for a while and bought tea in cooperation.The location is in front of PTPN VII big tea factory in Pagaralam .Then,immediately I took my pocket camera and took my family's picture.

PTPN VII Tea Factory

Dempo Mountain

The time was running away, we continued our trip to Dempo Mountain.Kyaaaaaaa......I ran fast when I saw a very,very,trully beautiful scenery. Although the weather was cloudy but I could escape from my stresses, I could run away from many pressure , because the air was so fresh and free of pollution.And not to forget,take the photographs.Again,again,and again.There,we can smell the original fresh fragrance of tea's leaf in the tea plantation.By the way, I have ever watched in television.I saw paralayang which was held on last Visit Musi 2008 event .There were villas,too.If you want to make a reservation, you should order from along time before, because there were many visitors both local and foreign came into this place.You don't want to be disappointed,right?because only you don't get room.

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galih said...

jadi kangen nak ke dempo lagiiii

Jonizar said...


waht a wonderfull, how are u? sihat gale... aku nak balek.... ghindu ngi dusun... singgah wai ke www.planet


widykireina said...

owww,,,,jeme kite pule?hehe,,, said...

hy widy...:)
lam knal sbelumnyaa yaa...

ngelyt post-an ur vacation..i like it..q ksna dlu jg thn 2008 akhir..dah kngen ga ksnaa....

tp 2 weeks later,i'll go there..:))

widykireina said...

hey,,ini paris tmnku SD, SMP, SMA bukan ya? kalo iy, madak'i dak kenal u dg aku ris??haha

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