Thursday, September 4, 2014

pre-marital part 1

It's a long time no see u, blog! I've been preparing for my historical moments, the first and the last, my wedding :'). Finally I'm engaged with my lovely :). It's not a short time for knowing him too far. 5 years more :D. Oke, before I get married, there are so many things to do, food, costumes, place, make up, wedding's properties, etc. From April since that day( a day when he and his big fams came to my House) till now, it's almost ready. Wedding invitation, folk costumes, catering, souvenirs, building, etc. After My taylor finish my gown(ceilee), we will do prewedding photo taken. Our concept is "simple and chic". It's describe our both personality, because we have a similarity about taste. :) A traditional costumes, we use "Aesan Gede" which symbolized an elegance of Palembangnese. Then, for wedding invitation card, I custom according to my hobbies, I make my self concept and make it by GendoetArt. It's located at Jogyakarta. A nice wedding invitation card, beside it's so art, lower price and fast service. For souvenirs I bought at Jogyakarta, too. But in different shop. I bought at Dani-craft. For my folk costumes, I used "sriwijaya Indah", it's a wedding gallery which used by famous artist in Indonesia when she got married, Arumi Bachsin. Haha What a lucky am I. Cause it's ex of hers. Hopefully it's bring a lucky things for my life, popularity, and dignity :D. *ROTFL And for building I use sukaria building, new wedding place in my city. So I got a cheaper price with full packet. :) thanks GOD. :* By the way, I'll present an unforgettable wedding party, because I will sing a love song and dance a traditional dance "Pagar Pengantin", as a symbolized of respecting for as my husband. 6 days latter, I get my traditional gown. With a broken white color. I love it, because it's made by my self concept, too. Simple and chic. :) For catering, it's my mom's bussiness, but we prepare traditional food, not western or japanese food, cause most of guest is original of Indonesian people. :D. It's not suitable if I choose western or Japanase/chinese food. Hehe For all of them, I can't give you photos, because I don't want to show off more before I married :D See you, wait for next publish, guys!:)

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